Saturday, August 13, 2011

WEEKLY POLL (August 13-19): Should Ashley Forgive Tucker for Sleeping With Diane?

Last week, Tucker finally admitted to Ashley that he slept with Diane the night of the tornado just as Abby suspected him of doing. This past week, he also admitted the truth to Abby, who is now out for revenge against Tucker for all of the damage that his lies inflicted. While Abby is adamant that Tucker is a slime and deserves no second chance, Ashley seems conflicted over how to handle the situation -- especially now that Tucker is her husband. What do you think? SHOULD ASHLEY FORGIVE TUCKER FOR SLEEPING WITH DIANE?

- Do you think Ashley should not forgive him because of all the damage that his lies did?
- Do you think maybe she should forgive because he seems genuinely sorry ... but you wonder if maybe he is only sorry that he got caught?
- Or do you think she should forgive him because he is a different man now and it was her love that made him a better one?

VOTE NOW (in the top-right corner of the Blog) and then leave a comment here or on the link to the poll on the Crimson Lights Facebook fan page to let us know how you voted and why!
Be sure to check back next Saturday for the results .. and be sure to tune into Y&R next week to see what happens next with Tucker & Ashley!

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