Monday, August 8, 2011

CASTING NEWS! Paul's Son is Headed to Genoa City! ... For Some "R&R"?

Peter Porte has been cast in the contract role of Ricardo "Ricky" Williams, Paul and Isabella's son.

Ricky was born in 2002 but was sent to Los Angeles in 2003 to live with and be raised by his mother's parents in Los Angeles when Isabella was admitted to a mental institution after trying to kill Christine.

The announcement of his homecoming has already begun fan speculation of what storylines might unfold once he returns. Will his arrival mean the return of a rehabilitated Isabella (last portrayed by Eva Longoria) and / or a more permanent return for Lauralee Bell as Christine?

One hot rumor making the rounds is that Y&R is kicking of a gay romance between Ricky & Rafe, which has garnered the potential duo a nickname already -- "R&R"!
Rafe, portrayed by Yani Gellman, is a fan-favorite that many feel is under-used (he was even voted Most Wasted character of 2010 by Friends of Crimson Lights on Facebook!). Many fans -- especially those still miffed over how the last gay storyline with Rafe and Adam played out -- have been clamoring to see Rafe outside of the courtroom and to have a storyline outside of being Billy's confidante. Ricky's arrival and possible romance with Rafe may be the show's way of giving Rafe more screen time and would also tie him to one of the core families of the show.

Y&R does not comment on storyline rumors, so stay tuned to see what Ricky's homecoming will mean for the residents of Genoa City!

Ricky's first air date is set for September 13.

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