Saturday, August 27, 2011

WEEKLY POLL (August 27 - September 2): Phyllis and Avery Are Sisters! Do You Like the Twist?

Ever since Avery came to town, it seemed like she was hiding something. Then it appeared as though she was avoiding Phyllis, but it wasn't clear as to why. Finally, this past week it was revealed that PHYLLIS AND AVERY ARE SISTERS! DO YOU LIKE THE TWIST?

- Do you like the twist and you're excited to learn more about Phyllis's past?
- Are you not sure whether you like it yet and you need to see how the story plays out a bit first?
- Or do you not like the twist at all?

VOTE NOW (in the top-right corner of the Blog) and then leave a comment here or on the link to the poll on the Crimson Lights Facebook Fan Page to let us know how you voted and why!
Be sure to check back next week for the results ... And be sure to tune into Y&R next week to learn more about Phyllis & Avery's past!

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