Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Y&R's New Noah -- Luke Kleintank -- Debuts Today (Tues, Sept. 21)!

"He's coming back from Paris," Kleintank explains. "A lot of things happened to him and his girlfriend [Eden] there. He's come back more as a man. He's a young buck trying to make it in the world."

And though the show is keeping mum on details of Noah's return, Kleintank does admit that his audition required some singing. Does that mean Noah will be serenading a new love?
"Maybe," the actor hedges.

One thing's for sure -- Kleintank already has a great rapport with on-screen dad Joshua Morrow (Nick), with whom he tested during the audition process.
"Joshua is cool," Kleintank enthuses. "He's a 'guy's guy'. I could go play sports with him. I could be one of his buddies, [so] it's odd that he's my dad. He would have had to have had me when he was 14!"

As for TV mom Sharon Case (Sharon), Kleintank shares, "She's gorgeous."

But there is one member of the clan Kleintank hasn't hit it off with.
"I got to hold [that baby who plays my little sister] Faith," he says, adding with a laugh, "she didn't seem to like me too much. But she likes Josh. She really loves him."

Be sure to tune in to Y&R today when this Newman clan is reunited!

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