Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Fall Preview!

Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner promises an explosive fall in Genoa City.
The stories for fall will be about “how our choices and mistakes can haunt us for the rest of our lives. It’s going to be exciting!” he teases of the plot twists set to unfold in the coming weeks.
Someone dies, someone battles their demons, and someone’s past rears its ugly head.

Death in Genoa City:
The shocking death of a major character has far-reaching implications, will answer some long-standing questions that the audience has been wondering about for a very long time, and will also generate some new love interests.
While Hamner remains tight-lipped on who’ll be getting that one-way ticket to the morgue, he insists that this is more than a tearjerker.
It’s really a story about forgiveness and redemption and poses the question: How do you forgive the unforgivable? Is there redemption? Many characters will be reminded that the choices and mistakes we make can haunt us for the rest of our lives. This is going to be a very dynamic story going into the fall!

Nikki, a recovering alcoholic, struggles with her past demons when she falls off the wagon. Her struggles are about the very real dilemma we face as adults carrying the past into the future.
Nikki has been looking forward to her marriage to Victor in a very positive frame of mind with a very affirmative and confident point of view… but that’s all going to change as we approach the anniversary of Colleen’s death. There are a lot of questions and doubts that will be realized.
Fortunately, Nikki will have someone to lean on, but it’s going to be a big surprise as to which character she turns to. It’s unexpected and it’s the last person that you think she would lean on.

There’s still more to Cane’s story than we’ve seen. The Aussie has always been a mysterious character. He’s someone who has compartmentalized his life, so there are more layers to him… and we’re going to see those layers begin to be pulled back.
This could be the biggest trial yet for the pair. Cane fears Lily won’t love him or accept him if she knew everything about him. For Lily, it’s about trusting someone who has secrets. This story is going to be about the two of them and their struggle of, “Will love triumph?”
Watch for Phillip to figure into this story now that he has returned from Australia; however, although he is going to be involved in this story, he isn’t necessarily tied to it.
Moving into the fall, there could be danger everyone involved.

Billy/Victoria/The Newmans:
As Billy & Victoria prepare to walk down the aisle, a furious Victor vows to do whatever’s necessary to prevent his daughter from saying “I do” to the brother of his longtime enemy!
Victor is going to be ruthless, as Victor can be, but motivated by his genuine concern for his daughter and his very heartfelt belief that Billy is not right for Victoria.
Victor is always guided with regard to his children by his love for them,” insists Hamner. “Whatever happens, they’re his children. He’s not being wantonly or gratuitously malicious.”
Unfortunately for the Mustache, Victoria doesn’t seem to care about her father’s feelings!
This marriage – and Victor’s determination to stop it – is going to be a flashpoint in the Newman family for a lot of change and some very dramatic conflict moving into the fall. What happens at this wedding and the impact that it’s going to have on Victor’s family is going to be explosive.

There will be no shortage of romance when it comes to this group of characters!
“It’s going to be somewhere between a free-for-all and a three-ring circus!” laughs Hamner.
With Phyllis & Deacon having already done the horizontal tango and tensions continuing to rise between Nick, Sharon, and Adam, the only thing fans can expect is the unexpected.
There’s going to be a lot of intrigue, a lot of romance, and some big twists and surprises!

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