Saturday, September 18, 2010

WEEKLY POLL (SEPT 18-24): Are You Happy With John Driscoll's (Chance) Exit?

At the end of Friday’s episode, it was revealed that Chance’s death was faked so that he could go into the Witness Protection Program. For some, this came as bittersweet news because, although fan-favorite Chance is alive, his portrayer -- John Driscoll -- is still exiting the show.
How do you feel?

Are You Happy With John Driscoll’s (Chance) Exit?
Are you relieved he is alive and glad that at least Nina and Phillip got to know the truth?
Maybe you thought the exit storyline was all right but you wish everyone didn’t have to think he was dead?
Or did you not like it at all because you don’t want to see Driscoll leave the show and you hated the storyline?

Vote now (in the sidebar to the right of the blog) and then post your comments to let us know how you voted and why!
Be sure to check back next Saturday for the results!
And be sure to tune into Y&R next week to see how Nina copes with keeping this secret from all her loved ones and deals with her newfound son, Ronan!


  1. im relieved his mom knows hes alive but has still lost him in a way.why cant they just find a way to keep him on the show we all really liked him.

  2. I hope they bring him back too.but i hear he is still on the show.Hope that is true

  3. Okay, I'm probably too old to comment on this, but I hope they have him return... If it's about money, and cuts... get rid of minnie mouse Heather Stevens, kill off Victor Newman and get rid of Meggie... thanks for listening... PLEASE COME BACK!!!