Saturday, May 21, 2011

WEEKLY POLL (MAY 21-27): Are You Disappointed Colin Is Still Up To His Evil Ways?

This past week on Y&R, Colin's true intentions were revealed -- He's been behind the so-called "visions" that Lily has been having of Cane. We still don't have all the details about who this flesh-and-blood person who has been appearing to Lily is -- is it Cane? is it a look-a-like? or maybe a twin? -- but we do know he is real and that Colin has been using him to make Lily think she is going insane so that he can eventually take his grandchildren away from her to raise them as he wishes in Australia. With this revelation of Colin's true intentions, any hope that the kinder, gentler man we've been seeing over the past few months was the writers way of redeeming Colin in the wake of Cane's death is gone and we know now that the softer side of him we've been seeing has all been a part of his continued manipulations to get what he wants. How do you feel about this revelation? ARE YOU DISAPPOINTED COLIN IS STILL UP TO HIS EVIL WAYS?

- Are you disappointed because you were hoping the writers would redeem Colin after Cane's death?
- Are you not disappointed at all because you are enjoying the Cane mystery and loved the revelation that Colin is behind it all?
- Or are you torn on how to feel because you did want to see Colin redeemed so that there was potential for him to stick around Y&R for a long time to come ... but you also love to hate him as a villain and want to see more?!

VOTE NOW (in the top-right corner of the Blog) and then leave a comment here or on the link to the poll on the Crimson Lights Facebook profile to let us know how you voted and why!
Be sure to check back next Saturday for the results ... and be sure to tune into Y&R next week to learn more about Colin's evil plot against Lily!

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