Sunday, May 1, 2011


You better buckle your seatbelts, Y&R fans!
“There’s a tremendous amount going on, with all the stories equally dramatic and intensely emotional. It’s going to be a real roller coaster! It will be a jam-packed month and several stories will have ripple effects,” previews co-head writer Scott Hamner. “We are just running the gamut. There will be surprises and secrets revealed. Questions that have been posed will now be answered.”
We all know that Victor & Nikki can’t keep their hands off each other. This particular time will be interesting for viewers, because Victor & Nikki are fighting that connection. They are evolving and the depth of their friendship and love is going to be explored and refined in a way that I think viewers are going to find very satisfying. Seeing where they go at this point is going to be very interesting.” And what about Diane? Victor begins doubting his marriage and there’s a showdown between Victor & Diane looming on the horizon! Considering Diane won’t get a single penny based on the prenup, though, she’s not exactly eager to head to divorce court. “The question is: Just how far will she go to keep this marriage going?

Abby has been telling her mother that Tucker is a player, and Ashley will not believe that Tucker is the man that Abby sees. As the wedding approaches, Abby is going to become much more aggressive in trying to thwart that marriage. But will her quest to stop the wedding hurt the ones she loves? She’s going to take some drastic steps that are going to have some tragic consequences that will change the dynamics between characters in different families and really mix up the outcome of Jabot, McCall, and Newman Enterprises. It will lead into a much bigger story over the summer.

Sharon’s death is going to be declared a suicide; so, it’s going to be interesting for Nick and Adam because they hate each other and will blame each other, but they are going to have to work together in order to achieve a common goal: They both want to clear Sharon’s name; of course, they’re going to have different ideas about how to do that. They both agree that Sharon is not a murderer, and they are both horrified by the idea that her children, and whatever grandchildren she will have, will think of her as having committed suicide. The emotional stakes are very high.
Meanwhile, Sharon is at a loss about what to do with her life at this point and continues to hide her identity in a newfound secret life. If there’s anybody that needs a little break, it’s her. This past couple of years for her has been emotionally and psychologically exhausting. Now, she’s feeling that everyone in Genoa city is better off without her so the temptation to start over is very real for her. Sam is a port in the storm for her. He’s a healing force for her to lean upon and he will be very intuitive, sensitive, and yet strong. We’re going to slowly see him begin to help her heal, which is going to form a strong bond between the two of them.
Sharon will also have to consider coming back to Genoa city and trying to clear her name in order to be reunited with her kids.

Lucy’s custody pits friend against friend, family against family, and employee against boss. There’s going to be polarization, and people are going to fall on either side. Michael is going to be caught in the middle between Phyllis and Lauren, and will have to make a choice between his friend and his wife. Daniel and Phyllis are going to fall on different sides, so mother and son will be at odds. The boss and employee relationship becomes very problematic when Phyllis uses the magazine, against Billy’s very specific instructions, in order to further her own agenda. The emotional intensity in this story is going to be tremendous.

Cane’s mother Genevieve, arrives in Genoa City to avenge her son’s death. She’s going to be larger than life, very powerful, elegant, and ultra-chic. She’s a force to be reckoned with. She is not going to be Australian; instead, she is someone who traveled to Australia when she was very young.
In addition to Genevieve’s introduction to this storyline, fans will finally get some much-wanted answers regarding Cane. As we go into May Sweeps, we are not going to know if Cane is real or not. Lily continues to be haunted by him, but is his presence the result of an over-active imagination, something more magical… or something sinister? We’re going to learn this story in pieces. It’s going to lead to a crescendo that’s going to be spectacular. People will form alliances based on mutual need and, at the same point, deception. It’s an intricate story with several huge twists and secrets revealed that are going to be quite shocking.

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  1. this looks like a Must See TV, looking forward to it. but i'm on a wait and see moment! that better Cane Ashby in the flesh!