Saturday, December 18, 2010

NEW WEEKLY POLL (DECEMBER 18 - 24)! Nick & Diane: HOT? or NOT?!

On Friday's episode, Nick & Diane bonded while talking about their children over dinner ... and then ended up heading back to the Newman Ranch and having sex!
What do you think of this latest turn of events for this unlikely pair?
Nick & Diane: HOT? or NOT?!
Did you love their scenes and thought there was tons of chemistry there?
Did you hate their scenes and just felt awkward watching them together?
Or are you not sure how you feel because it is such an odd twist, but you think it might end up being a good thing?

Vote now (in the sidebar to the right) and then leave a comment here or on the link to the poll on the Crimson Lights Facebook profile to let us know how you voted and why!
Be sure to check back next Saturday for the results... and be sure to tune into Y&R this week to see what's next for these two unlikely lovers!

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