Friday, December 31, 2010

Genoa City in 2011: What Will Happen Next?!

Deep-breathing techniques may be a requirement for Genoa City denizens in 2011 – without them, their blood pressure is sure to soar into the red zone!
“We have a lot of surprises coming up,” promises Y&R’s Co-Head Writer, Scott Hamner. “We’ll be telling stories of our iconic characters, and we’ll bring back beloved characters from the past as they work into the story organically. You can expect a lot of romance. Also, there's going to be those moments of joy and poignancy that are incredibly moving and emotionally satisfying. The audience has a lot to look forward to!”
“Diane came to town ready for anything – and when I say that, I mean she’s set her sights on pretty much every guy in town!” laughs Hamner. "The fact is, Diane is going to find many old attractions rekindled, as well as many new. So I would say that we have a number of relationships here in terms of romantic intrigue. Diane is going to be juggling a number of balls in the air, but how long can she keep them up in the air without dropping them? As we move into January, her involvement with Nick is going to deepen,” previews the wordsmith, but he won’t be the only one warming her bed. There is another guy waiting in the wings who is going to be a shocking rival in what’s going to be a very complicated and interesting triangle for now… and possibly a quadrangle and even a hexagon in the future!”

Despite Victoria & Billy’s rocky beginning, their marriage will continue to strengthen.
“This couple experiences unexpected joy, but there will be a catalyst that will tie into an umbrella story, and at the same time revisit an iconic storyline that is essential to our show that is going to now take on a contemporary spin. So the upshot is that we can expect some real happiness for Billy & Victoria in the near future, but the complexity to the story is definitely going to be surprising and will obviously lead to complications. Everybody is going to be manipulating and scheming and doing the often well-meaning but destructive things that families do. The twist that occurs is going to involve a missing piece for Billy & Victoria that makes them certain they can look forward to a really bright future,” says the scribe. “It’s a twist that is going to give them a stability that is very surprising.”

"It’s not going to be easy for Kevin & Chloe, but this is going to be one of our stories that will have a lot of fun and romance. Expect moving and touching material along with some comedy and some drama. There’s going to be a big question mark about whether they’re going to be able to make it work. There are a number of obstacles that they’re going to face. Trouble looms on the horizon; in fact, there’s going to be an obstacle presenting itself almost immediately after they unite on New Year's that is going to propel their story forward.”

Once again, Sharon finds herself getting in hot water thanks to a man! The difference, this time, is that Sharon & Adam do bring out the best in each other despite the fact that they both have very profound character flaws.
“Sharon has been torn between the dark and the light. With her decision to support Adam and, in a sense, embrace that dark side of herself, she could lose everything -- including her daughter! So there’s going to be tremendous jeopardy for this couple and for Sharon, in particular, as a result of the choices she’s making now. She only has herself to blame for where life is taking her and she is forced to confront the consequences of her choices. Her decision to throw her lot in with Adam is going to be very dangerous for her,” warns Hamner. “It’s going to come down to the question of keeping custody of Faith. That is what Sharon will be facing in 2011. Leading into January, there’s going to be a real crisis for her...”

... Which brings us to Victor. “Victor’s choices are going to have far-reaching, negative results, and there will be extensive collateral damage, similar to the collateral damage that happened when he brought Patty to town,” Hamner previews. "And in this instance, Sharon is going to be the one suffering because of the collateral damage that Victor has created through his scheming and manipulation. This is going to be interesting to watch unfold because Victor has always had a soft spot for Sharon. A series of events that he orchestrates are going to injure Sharon and she is going to feel very betrayed by him. She is going to see how he responds to that dilemma without actually making amends and apologizing because, as we know, Victor never fully accepts that he’s done anything wrong. He will see that Sharon is in crisis, but the question for him will be: How can he intervene without admitting that he’s had any part in playing her into this position? He always has the best interest at heart when he attempts to control the lives of the people he cares about, but inevitably he is blinded by the need to exact revenge on an enemy. His good intentions will put him on a path straight to hell! As is usually the case with Victor, his determination to move heaven and earth to make the world the way he believes it should be will be a recipe for disaster. This time, though, his machinations will blow up in his face and there’s going to be a very bitter and tragic result.”

Jill rushes into romance with Colin and her relationship with him will be met with Kay’s disapproval, who doesn't trust the Aussie from the moment she meets him. 
"Jill is going to hear from Kay regarding her disapproval, but she brushes off Kay's concern because she believes that Kay resents her being happy and doesn’t want her to find a man of her own. But Katherine is convinced that this guy is trouble. Katherine’s attempt to save Jill from herself is going to make Jill that much more determined to pursue this relationship. This inevitably is going to lead to a family crisis of profound magnitude at the point that Kay and Jill, when they are most at odds, are going to really need each other. Colin is going to play a big part in triangulating those characters.”

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