Saturday, October 1, 2011

WEEKLY POLL (October 1-7): Who Was Adam Talking to In the Warehouse?

This past week on Y&R, Adam made a mysterious phone call telling the person on the other end they need to meet. He then showed up at a warehouse and called out to someone, claiming they've "out of control" and they've "gone too far in setting him up". He even accused the mystery person of writing the page from Diane's diary that mysteriously showed up at the police station and basically pointed Ronan right in Adam's direction. Then, a mysterious toy monkey began clapping and Adam got spooked and left before we ever saw the other person's face. Who could the mystery person be? 
Could Skye actually be alive and getting revenge on Adam by framing him for Diane's murder? 
Or maybe it was Patty, whom many still think was the mysterious person in the shadows outside the Abbot mansion watching Diane seduce Jack; thus, giving her a motive to kill Diane (after all, she already hates Diane for sleeping with Jack on their wedding day years ago). 
Or perhaps it is Nikki. Now that news has broken that Melody Thomas Scott has signed a new contract with Y&R and will be returning as Nikki in November, will Nikki get a big return and be revealed as the one that is trying to frame Adam? Let's not forget that Nikki did disappear from rehab when Diane was murdered...
And, speaking of Diane, what if she is really alive and she's the one tormenting all her enemies by making each of them look guilty for her "murder"? 
With the revelation that the pillows left in Diane's room on the night of her murder are conveniently a message pointing to each of the suspects in her murder investigation, her death is beginning to look like a small part of a more elaborate plot against each of the suspects... but is Diane alive and pulling the strings or is it someone else? ... Like maybe her killer?

- Skye
- Patty
- Nikki
- Diane
- Someone else
- I don't know ... I can't figure this one out!

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