Thursday, September 15, 2011

CASTING UPDATE: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) WILL Return!

Soaps In Depth reports that in an interview with TV Guide, Y&R star Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) announced she has signed a new contract to return to the soap.
Scott says, "They have come around and suddenly appreciate me again."

Scott last appeared at the end of April, when an alcoholic Nikki went off to rehab.
In the months since Scott has been off the canvas, her Twitter followers have been working full-force to get Sony (which owns the soap) to renew her contract.
"I hope all of you know that YOU are the reason I am back," Scott tweeted to her legions of fans after the news broke. "Had you not rallied behind me, and stirred up ALL kinds of trouble, Nikki would [be gone]. I can never thank you enough."

Scott will reportedly return to the Y&R set next month and air around Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays, indeed!

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