Saturday, July 16, 2011

WEEKLY POLL (July 16-22): Do You Agree That Delia Should Be In Chloe's Sole Custody?

This past week on Y&R, the custody battle between Chloe and Billy over Delia came and went -- with some shocking twists throughout, of course! It looked like hope was lost for Billy until Victoria showed up in court and testified on his behalf, after which it seemed liked the judge might rule to give the sparring parents joint custody. The real shock came the day of the judge's ruling when Billy was late to the trial because he'd been arrested for soliciting a prostitute the night before -- and he was framed by Victor! Victor's dirty deed worked and when the judge learned of Billy's arrest the night before, he gave sole custody of Delia to Chloe. Even though Victor played a major hand in Billy losing his daughter, Billy has also been spiraling out of control over the last few weeks and has certainly caused much of the damage that led to the custody battle in the first place -- so, was it ultimately right that Chloe got sole custody anyway? What do you think? DO YOU AGREE THAT DELIA SHOULD BE IN CHLOE'S SOLE CUSTODY?

- Do you disagree and think there is no way Chloe should have been given full custody because Billy is a great dad and does not deserve to be separated from Delia?
- Are you torn because you can understand why Chloe got custody, but you also think she overreacted by taking the fight to court in the first place?
- Do you agree with the judge's ruling and if you were Chloe you would have done the same thing and taken Delia away from her father?
- Or were you hoping the judge would have ruled that they have joint custody of Delia but you feel like Victor ruined any chance of that by framing Billy for solicitation?

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Be sure to check back here next Saturday for the results ... And be sure to tune in to Y&R next week to see the next potentially deadly twist in this storyline!

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