Sunday, January 30, 2011


“We’re upsetting the apple cart,” promises Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner. “You can expect a lot of fireworks, great twists, and returning characters along with the romance.” In particular, expect Valentine’s Day to be a highly romantic – and pivotal – day for several Genoa City couples.

Baby Lucy will bring plenty of joy to Victoria & Billy’s lives. But the outside world does have a tendency to disrupt their happy home! “Their marriage is good, and we’re going to see them have some well-deserved happiness as new parents at the beginning of February. But there will be other obstacles and complication in their lives!”

“Nikki & Deacon teamed together for the absolutely worst reasons. His intentions were very malicious toward her, and she has this habit of diving into the arms of the next available man when there’s a problem with Victor. Nikki & Deacon know themselves well enough to be aware that their relationship started on the wrong foot, but as they continue to spend time together, they develop real feelings for one another. Nikki doesn’t know the real reason Deacon got involved with her. Deacon decides that, although he pursued her for the wrong reasons, he’s going to stay with her for the right reasons. Nikki makes the decision to move ahead with him. On Valentine’s Day, there’s going to be a very public display of the two of them coming out as a couple. This is not a relationship that Nikki’s friends or family will encourage. Nikki & Deacon publicly being a couple is going to make everybody crazy. When they were keeping it under the radar, there was some objection, but it wasn’t the kind of scandal and outrage that they will generate on Valentine’s Day.” Meanwhile, “Deacon is worried that Nikki could discover the truth, and his concern is only going to escalate.”

“Victor is going to learn that Nick has started a romantic relationship with Diane. She is kind of pressing Nick, but he’s unable to dive wholeheartedly into a relationship. He’s holding back, so that creates this opening for Victor, who becomes very assertive in pursuing Diane. On Valentine’s Day, Victor is going to make a very public display with Diane, in which he stakes his claim on her. Nick & Diane will not know that Victor has become aware of their interest in each other, so we’re setting up this real interesting triangle between the father, son, and Diane. She’s going to have to choose between her head and her heart.”

“Jana is going to be relentless in her determination to break up Kevin & Chloe. Jana is a real wild card in this situation, because as much as Kevin & Chloe know Jana to be unpredictable and untrustworthy, they don’t fully appreciate the lengths she will go to in order to come between them. So there are going to be ever-increasing problems in this fledgling romance between Kevin & Chloe as Jana stirs things up. This will begin to convince Chloe that her worst fears are being realized – that becoming lovers, instead of staying friends, is going to screw up everything. Katherine and Gloria are going to be rooting for Chloe & Kevin; so, on Valentine’s Day they will do their best to put Chloe and Kevin together and keep Jana out of the way. They're going to take some very drastic and fun steps to make sure that they are together!”

“I’ve said over and over that the story of Cane has been like peeling away an onion – there’s always a layer underneath. We’re now getting to the core of that onion. The secret he has been hiding comes out, because he volunteers it. Cane stands to lose everything he loves by coming forth with this. It’s really going to be on the line for Lily & Cane. Their relationship could be destroyed by this revelation, or it could ultimately bring them closer. As we move forward, the stakes are going to increase astronomically, and we’re really going for the mystery and romanticism of Wuthering Heights. The timeless question will be: Can love conquer all obstacles? This is going to be a very big story. The audience will want to tune in every day to see this story.”

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