Sunday, October 24, 2010


“November is going to be a circus on a rim of a volcano with tsunamis on the way,” sums up Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner. “There will be a lot going on [and] it’s going to be pretty wild,” he promises of the secrets and lies that will rock Genoa City in November.

There is “definitely going to be a twist in [the Deacon and Nikki] story. You can say that the new source of comfort for Nikki is not the bottle… and Deacon is going to figure significantly in her life.
Of course, Nikki isn’t the only one playing right into Meggie’s hands.
“The tension will mount as we see how nefarious Meggie is – and her intention toward Victor is essentially his demise!” the scribe warns. “There’s going to be a very big twist in this story,” Hamner promises. “We want to be like one of those horror movies where the teenager is about to open the door and you’re screaming, ‘No, no, no!’ because you know that’s absolutely the worst possible choice. So, we should be screaming at Victor, ‘No, Don’t go that way!’ We’re going to unravel a backstory for Meggie that is rather unsavory and Victor will be in some jeopardy.”

“The conspiracy that Victor and Jack have perpetrated with Adam & Skye’s hedge fund comes to a crescendo, and it causes tsunamis through the lives of everybody.” In the fallout, Sharon realizes she needs some time alone so she goes to New Orleans – and the show is headed there along with her on a special location shoot! – where she re-evaluates where things are going with Nick. She’s going to be followed down there and a showdown is going to occur.
“We have a huge audience there, and we really want to honor them,” the wordsmith says of the soap’s location shoot in the Crescent City, where unfolding events will have a major impact on several lives!
“We’re utilizing the magic of the city to bring a number of our characters to a point of a real crisis and it’s going to dramatically alter relationships as well as fortunes. [Expect a] pivotal moment in the triangle of Nick, Sharon and Adam.”
Are those who expect Sharon & Nick to finally reunite counting their chickens before they’ve hatched?

Diane’s sudden return to town already has certain denizens reaching for their aspirin bottles, but how will they react when they learn the truth about the former model?
“Diane has been pretending as if her life is just fine. Meanwhile, she is in sort of a freefall and we can assume she has made the same kind of mistakes – wherever she’s been – with the people she’s worked for and had relationships with in her time away from Genoa City as the people she burned bridges with in Genoa City. She’s come to town with an agenda to save her butt!”
The vixen has already begun casting a spell on Jack, but he won’t be her only target!
“She’s going to go after the men who have been in her life as well as some new men in order to cover all of her bases. So she’s going to be juggling a number of balls in the air.”

Fans should brace themselves for some big and shocking revelations in this story.
Cane’s latest mad scramble to deal with the secrets emerging from his past becomes even more difficult thanks to fellow Aussie, Blake, who forces Cane into a lie.
“The onion continues to be peeled as far as who Cane is,” Hamner shares. “Blake is going to know things that the audience still doesn’t know about Cane, and we’re going to realize that Cane’s deception reaches much deeper than we’ve ever suspected. We’re going to see an edgier, darker side to Cane, but also the desperateness of a family man trying to hold on to the wife and babies he loves more than anything. There’s definitely danger for the Ashby’s, in an emotional and psychological way, as well as possible physical jeopardy. Cane has got secrets on top of secrets that he’s trying to protect. The revelation where he came from is another deception that Cane & Lily may not survive once she learns he has still not told her his whole story.”

Daisy pops back into town -- just in time for Halloween! -- and instantly creates all kinds of drama!
“This is going to be a fabulous umbrella story that’s going to bring all of our major characters into conflict, teases Hamner. “Daisy is going to be at the vortex of all the controversy, which is going to pit family against family and friends against friends. It’s not only going to involve just Lauren and Kevin, but bring in other characters in a significant way.”

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